What is the Child’Space Method?

The Child’Space method was developed by Dr. Chava Shelhav, internationally renowned movement educator and Senior Trainer of the Feldenkrais Method of Somatic Education.

It is a hallmark of Chava’s work to focus on the positive and possible, and to encourage the baby’s fullest development while gently helping the parents to grow in confidence.

Through over 40 years of experience working with adults, children, and babies, Dr. Shelhav concluded that many difficulties in later years have their origin in the first year of life. She discovered that early intervention and stimulation of children’s primary developmental pathways can prevent or alleviate later impaired development.

Her approach to early childhood development is unique because she has combined the wisdom and research from the fields of neuropsychoanalysis, developmental psychology, occupational therapy, dynamic systems, social neuroscience and more.

She developed the Child'Space method to give children a solid foundation for lifelong learning and social competency and to teach parents how they can best support that learning.

Chava has been training teachers and trainers for Child'Space since 2002. Her book, “Child’Space, An Integrated Approach to Infant Development based on the Feldenkrais Method,” is now available on Amazon.

Leigh is very proud to be part of this collective of cutting edge child development specialists using the Child’Space method to support parents in their challenging and wonderful journey with joy, confidence and intelligence.